This year's event will be jointly hosted by Newcastle University and Northumbria University.

Opened in September 2017, the £58million 12,500 sqm Urban Sciences Building (USB) is a flagship development. The building and its surrounding city area is a living laboratory underpinning research to make urban centres more sustainable for future generations.

The building organises a variety of high quality teaching and research spaces around a central forum, designed to welcome students, staff and public to the building to share ideas. The building includes an event space, Decision Theatre, a rooftop wild-flower meadow and multiple social spaces for our staff and students. The Flat Floor Teaching area located on the third floor, houses over 300 machines for use by our students.

As a centre for urban sustainability research the building is highly sustainable itself. Based on the loads generated, the building is electric powered, with future connections to the district heating plant possible. It integrates features such as rainwater harvesting, renewable energy generation, water source heat pumps and each roof terrace is designed for collaboration or research. Embodied carbon calculations have been carried out to determine the most efficient structural and façade solutions.

A modular, façade system has been proposed to reduce on-site waste. Patterning to the facades, designed in collaboration with an artist, provides shading to prevent over-heating in summer months and create a unique identity for the building. 

Urban Sciences Building, 1 Science Square, Science Central, Newcastle upon Tyne NE4 5TG, UK
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A selection of accommodation links will be provided shortly.

Newcastle Upon Tyne is reachable by road, sea, train and air.

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